Friday, November 23, 2012

Story: Cooking

We cook with marjoram.
We cook with plums.
Wash your hands before cooking.
Then I go cook.
Then we check our cookbook.
I go in the pantry and then I get a can of chickpeas.
And then I get some olive oil.
Then I go upstairs to cook.
I put the can and olive oil on the counter.
Then I get the can opener.
Then I put the can opener on the can and put the blades on it.
When you open the can you find a sharp thing on it.
Then you wash the lid.
Then we throw the can and lid into the recycle.
Then we get the seaweed out. The one with the ripples on it.
Then I eat some of the macro kelp.
Then we put it in the curry.
Then I get the olive oil out.
My Mum pours the olive oil in the measuring cup.
Then I get out the chocolate chips.
I open the package and see a whole bunch of them.
Then I pour them all in the pot.
Then I get a new package and open it.
Then I pour one in and I close it up.
Then I open cinnamon.
I smell it and it smells good.
Then I pour it in the pot.
Then I get the nutmeg out.
I smell it and it smells good.
Then I pour it in the pot.
Then I get raisins out.
I eat one and it tastes good.
Then I pour a whole bunch in the pot.
It's curry!

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