Saturday, November 24, 2012

Story: Car Washing

I put the gloves on.
I washed the cars with soap.
I sprayed Dad and he didn't want to be sprayed.
I sprayed all over his hair.
Dad was mad.
Dad said "Don't do that again."
I scrubbed the cars with a lot of soap.
Dad had so much soap in his grill.
There were waterfalls on his grill.
I sprayed Mum's car with the hose and soap.
I sprayed some of the gravel.
I sprayed myself with the hose.
I got soaking wet outside so I came in the house.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Story: Cooking

We cook with marjoram.
We cook with plums.
Wash your hands before cooking.
Then I go cook.
Then we check our cookbook.
I go in the pantry and then I get a can of chickpeas.
And then I get some olive oil.
Then I go upstairs to cook.
I put the can and olive oil on the counter.
Then I get the can opener.
Then I put the can opener on the can and put the blades on it.
When you open the can you find a sharp thing on it.
Then you wash the lid.
Then we throw the can and lid into the recycle.
Then we get the seaweed out. The one with the ripples on it.
Then I eat some of the macro kelp.
Then we put it in the curry.
Then I get the olive oil out.
My Mum pours the olive oil in the measuring cup.
Then I get out the chocolate chips.
I open the package and see a whole bunch of them.
Then I pour them all in the pot.
Then I get a new package and open it.
Then I pour one in and I close it up.
Then I open cinnamon.
I smell it and it smells good.
Then I pour it in the pot.
Then I get the nutmeg out.
I smell it and it smells good.
Then I pour it in the pot.
Then I get raisins out.
I eat one and it tastes good.
Then I pour a whole bunch in the pot.
It's curry!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Story: Playing Rokenbok

I play Rokenbok.
I take a load of Rokenbok balls and I dump them into the two conveyors.
I put a load in the boxes, then I push the button and it goes up, up, up into the sky.
And then it goes down into the sorting machine!
I take another load of Rokenbok balls and I dump them into my barn.
Then I open the gate and then I let them out of the barn into a big mess.
Then a vacuum sweeper picks the balls up and dumps them into the conveyor again.
And then the balls go into another sorting machine!
Then a loader picks them up and he dumps them into the monorail.
The monorail goes around and around the bend and then it dumps the balls into the orange sorting machine again!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Story: Playing at the Beach

I make sand castles.
I build a cove.
I dig out ooey gooey mud.
I forgot to build my starfish.
I be my me.
I played with my boat.
My boat went so fast it spit out some water at me.
I eat pizza while I'm there.
I eat a smoothie while I'm there.
My shovel glowed purple sparkles and pink sparkles.
My starfish turns yellow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Story: All About Reptiles

Crocodile skin is very scaly.
They can eat people.
Good thing there are no crocodiles in Canada.
Rainbow lizards are pretty neat.
They crawl up the hill fast.
The snake ate the chameleon.
Snakes peel out of their old skin.
Turtles lay their eggs at the beach.
Baby turtles crawl out of their eggs.
Some of the baby turtles got eaten.
Some turtles are so heavy that they are stronger than a car.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Math: Sums with 9

Math Mammoth 1: Sums with 9

Story: Waterfalls

The waterfalls go down the rocks and into a cupholder.
They go into a drain that pushes the dirt on the rocks like cement.
It's pretty neat.
The waterfalls go down the stairs.
The water comes from the hose.
I work very hard with my little trucks.
The trucks scrape the dirt.
All the dirt goes into the drain.
All of it.
The waterfalls go between the trees.
That waters the trees.
Isn't that clever?
Next, the waterfall goes around the feather.
Soon we'll have two feathers.
All the feathers are pretty much gone.
We need to go to the beach to find a feather.
The sand is bright and gold.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Story: Swimming

The T-pools are very deep!
The pirate ship is shallow.
I can do rocketships.
I splashed my friends with water.
I did a side glide!
I did a back float in the deep water!
The bubbles were fun.
I splashed out of the pool to make a river.
I did a front float.
I kicked to get a poodle noodle for my friends.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Story: Playing Outside

I slide down my slide!
I climb on my climbing wall.
I mow the grass.
I colour the patio.
I moss scrape.
I be my me.
I run around with soccer balls with Dad and other people too.
I sand-sift sand.
I make fires sometimes with Dad in the fireplace.
I rake leaves with Dad.
I throw balls on the roof.
I eat chives.
I play in my sand turtle.
I get ready for waterfalls.
Sometimes I say "I can scrape roads."
I sweep the patio.
I can count all the animal shapes in the sky.
I chop wood.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Painting: It's Me!

Completed wet on wet watercolour

Same painting at an earlier stage: author's self portrait

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Story: Doodle Jump

I get high scores in Doodle Jump.
I see weird guys.
All the Doodle Jumps are a little bit different.
Doodle Jump spits out soccer balls.
Some of the platforms look a little different.
Some are clear, some are blue, some are red and then they bomb.
Doodle Jump jumps on springs.
Doodle Jump collects coins.
I jump in rocket ships.
Doodle Jump jumps on trampolines.
I see rocket packs.
I see planets in Doodle Jump Space.
All the planets look a little different.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Story: Salmon Spawning

We saw salmon swimming.
They were trying to get upriver.
All of the salmon were stinky.
Seagulls eat salmon eggs.
I crawled in a giant tree log.
Some women were painting pictures of the trees and river.
The river was flowing downstream.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Story: Halloween (Part 2)

We carved some pumpkin faces.
We lit the candles on the pumpkins.
I counted to one hundred seeds.
We ate the seeds.
They were good.
I Trick or Treated with L__.
My costume was a dragon.
People gave me candy.
The candy might have been in a machine.
People gave me a bag of stuff.