Saturday, November 24, 2012

Story: Car Washing

I put the gloves on.
I washed the cars with soap.
I sprayed Dad and he didn't want to be sprayed.
I sprayed all over his hair.
Dad was mad.
Dad said "Don't do that again."
I scrubbed the cars with a lot of soap.
Dad had so much soap in his grill.
There were waterfalls on his grill.
I sprayed Mum's car with the hose and soap.
I sprayed some of the gravel.
I sprayed myself with the hose.
I got soaking wet outside so I came in the house.

1 comment:

  1. Hi!!!
    I am a telephone collector friend of your grandfather's, and I just visited your blog.
    I especially loved your drawings and water color pictures. I live
    in Twain Harte, California in the mountains, and I am hoping
    your grandparents will visit me soon. I'll be visiting your blog again
    to see what new things you have posted. Keep up the good work!!!


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